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Simple Changes that brought big returns

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Oct 4, 2009 8:51 pm

These simple changes dramatically increased the productivity of my cold calling.

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1)      I now call people with the purpose of disqualifying THEM.

2)      I speak to them with courtesy and respect but at the same time as if they are subordinate to me.

3)      I make my voice loud and clear trying to make it as forceful as I can.

4)      I stand up while calling and look in a mirror and force myself to smile even if a fake smile. I built a little calling station in a back room to facilitate this.

5)      I set my daily goal. Then one of two things will happen � I will call until 8 PM or meet my goal and go home.

6)      The most common knee jerk objections are simply ignored and I proceed with the call.

7)      I give my manager my efforts and results (cold calling daily sheets) each Friday and asked him to keep me accountable as to effort and results that are no less.

8)  I dont doorknock on Sunday  

The above I'm sure is simple and common knowledge to most. BUT these simple changes have made my recent calling beyond my wildest.

                                  This post was cowritten by Gaddock  Hope this helps somebody out there.