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Silk quilt?

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Jul 13, 2007 5:47 am

Silk is world-famous for being softest and healthiest fibre . Silk quilt made of 100% of silk has the property of being fluffy, comfortable and healthy .

1. Silk thread consists of 18 sort of amino aicd and protein that is necessity to human body . Silk quilt can adjust our blood circulation and metabolism during sleeping, promote the activity of skin cell and prevent the skin form ageing too fast .
2. Amino acid , which is a natural composition of silk thread, consists of material that can tranquilize the human nerve , so silk quilt can relieve mental pressure ¡¢dispel fatigue and promote sleeping .
3. Silk thread is multi-hole material , seemingly solid silk thread actually 38% is hollow . This hollow space keep the air stay there , prevent the heat from diffusing , so the silk quilt has function of warm-keeping . At the same time ,silk can absorb and diffuse moisture automatically, keep the temperature balanced , so silk quilt can keep our skin not too dry .
4. Silk is long fibre ,silk quilt cause no dust and no allergy . It's very good for our respiratory system and can prevent tracheitis and asthma .
5. Silk quilt is very fluffy, light , we feel no pressure on our heart , so it promotes our sleeping quality .
6. Silk quilt is superior to other quilts . It has the function of mould proof ¡¢bug proof and bacterial proof .

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