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Aug 11, 2008 12:33 am

Hi folks, newbie here.  I’m hoping for some advice, and I SWEAR I’m not going to try to sell anything…

  I'm currently in insurance mangement, getting a little burned out on the corporate crap.  I'm looking at going in one of two directions:   1. IAR work, I know some people (CPA's, attorneys), and I'm studying for the 65 now.  Or...   2. I've written two books and several magazine articles on personal marketing, business development, public speaking and sales presentations.  I know that prospecting, marketing and business creation are the toughest parts of this business, and that's my sweet spot.  So here's my question:   Would companies like ML, AGEd, EJ, NYL, etc., etc., be interested in someone to come in and show their teams how to create business on their own, minimizing cold calling, maximizing sales efficiency?  Or do they already have people for that?  Or are they just willing to let the new guys sink or swim cold calling?  I'm thinking about a consultancy in that direction.  I'd also guess, however, that these companies get hit up for this kind of thing daily.   Is there a market for this in the financial industry?  Any input would be appreciated, thanks!  
Aug 11, 2008 1:12 pm

Mac1958,  why aren't you trying to sell something?  That's what we do here.  We like selling things. 

There is a market for what you want to do, but you sound like a person who can talk the talk, but have you walked the walk?  Do you have your own big production numbers that can back up that you have done what you want to teach others? 

Otherwise, people are going to be very skeptical.  Typically, people get into insurance management because they know what salesman are supposed to do, but can't do it themselves.
Aug 11, 2008 1:57 pm

Mac, there must be 1,000 books on the subject, and a very large contingency of “experts” and “consultants” that address this topic.  Unless you have something REALLY compelling to say, I don’t think there would be a huge market for this (well, to be more specific, the market is already huge, it would just be hard for you to differentiate yourself.  It’s sort of like asking if you should offer to go out and represent people in their real estate transactions - big market, but plenty of people doing it already…).

Aug 11, 2008 7:01 pm

Good stuff guys, thanks.

  I'm leaning towards the IAR direction.  That way I'll just use what I know about marketing, etc.,  for ME.    That, plus I've grown sick of airports & hotels, and consultants pretty much LIVE there.   Thanks again, great site ya got here.