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Prospecting property records?

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Dec 13, 2011 6:07 pm

Hey all, just finishing my first year as a rep, and have primarily used referrals to build my business, looking to start mixing more cold calling in to find higher net worth clients. One of my tactics will be to  cold call high net worth individuals with a muni bond pitch, but I'm still working on the best ways to compile these lists. I had a couple thoughts, and wanted to see if a) they are even possible and b)if they are a good idea and if other people have used them successfully. The first is that I wanted to find out if its public info for a county's property owners to be listed, which the point would be to see those individuals who own expensive/ multiple properties. And/or, if its public info to see listings of properties that have recently been bought and sold, which the idea there would be people recently selling expensive properties would hopefully be downsizing and need to invest the difference, or people buying would  be either relatively new wealth, or at least need life insurance for the new mortgage. Also, if these types of list aren't public info, do people, such as I dont know mortgage brokers, sell these as leads list? Thanks for any info/ advice anyone can share.

Dec 14, 2011 6:07 am

Paragraphs are your friend.

Try the county assessor - typically google "xxxxx county assessor state" (replace "state" with your state).

Some county assessors let you search by owner name and/or street name. Others by a specific address only.

From there the amount of information provided is varies a lot. Some assessors provide no or very little useful information online. Others will tell you the sell date, price, amount financed (original mortgage amount) and the interest rate.

In any case the websites are usually old and not very user friendly.

When you find the name, you can look up the phone number (if its listed) on Reference USA (see your local libary for access, it's free). Be sure to scrub against your firm's DNC. In my experience an average 8 in 10 of numbers were on the firm's DNC (which includes national DNC, state DNC, exsisting clients or those who told someone in the firm previously to be taken off the list).

Dec 14, 2011 11:32 pm

Thanks for the advice push. And upon futher review, you are right about some paragraph spacing as well.