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Dec 29, 2022 11:01 pm

I started as a FA earlier this year. I want to know how you guys are finding clients. I’ve been having trouble with productivity because I don’t know wtf to do.

I hear about people making 200+ calls a day, where do those numbers come from? Because I’ve tried using the phone book and 80% of all numbers are on the do not call list. It took me two hours to sort through 200 numbers, only to find 40 numbers that weren’t on the do not call list, most of those were landlines, 5 picked up, and I had one decent conversation where the guy already had stuff in place and didn’t want to make switches.
I plan to try some residential knocking once it gets a bit warmer out.
my current strategy is stopping at business and trying to get 401k/simple ira/ individual accounts.

almost all of my accounts right now have been from family, friends, and small leads from my company and mentor and has all been commission based.
My goal going into 2023 is to get at least 2 401k plans this year, 2 accounts a week, then stash the bigger accounts into fee based recurring revenue accounts.
Please give advice on what you would do if all warm leads were exhausted and you’re starting from scratch.