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Dec 3, 2021 5:29 pm

So, I’m noticing something. The parents of kids I grew up with who were “stockbrokers” as they were called back then… they were mostly either laid back and cocky, or aloof and aristocratic yet charming. Some did a bit of both.

This is the personality type I cultivated or feel natural with and why I thought I’d be good in this profession. However, I seem to get a lot of flak at work for not conveying a different personality type… the eager beaver salesman / enthusiastic participant in the high school pep rally like cult rituals of corporate enthusiasm.

At least for me, when I saw the personality types of the brokers who were parents of my childhood friends, I think… these people know something I don’t / have something I want / are worth listening to. When I see the personality type of the people I work with today, my reaction is more like… no I will not buy the vacuum cleaner, please lower your voice, wait you have expertise I should respect? What?

I’m not sure if this is something that has changed over time, differs from firm to firm, or what it is? I’d like to think I could work for any broker-dealer and just be myself and ultimately win at the numbers game without drinking any particular flavor of koolaid.