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Passed CFP, now what?

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Sep 20, 2010 2:26 am

I passed the CFP Exam this past July and I'm wondering how best to leverage my new designation.  Obviously I don't expect my practice to transform overnight because I have letters after my name.  So I was wondering if any of you current CFPs took any actions (primarily branding and prospecting) post CFP achievement to get in front of people you weren't seeing before or getting more referrals.  Anything you realized you couldn't do before that  you now can? 

Appreciate any thoughts.  Thanks guys and gals...

Sep 20, 2010 6:24 pm

Start making contacts.  It doesn't matter if you have a dictionary of letters underneath your business card.  Get yourself in play so that you can communicate the value you provide to clients.  That you have taken the time to obtain your CFP designation is great and makes you more likely to land new accounts than you would be without the designation.  Start offering financial reviews and put yourself in a position to pick up accounts when other reps fail to deliver.  Having your CFP designation might be perceived to add value to a prospect, but it's not enough.  You need to go out there and prove it.

Sep 20, 2010 7:08 pm

My suggestion. Whatever it is you think you can bring to the table, put it into the form of a question as a financial goal. When you meet prospects, or existing clients, have them circle the financial goals that mean something to them. You need to think outside the box. I did this years ago, and I wound up gathering assets significantly better than my peers. It also lead to significant retention when I left my firm.

Hey, have you ever seen these "goals" on a bs goal sheet provided to you?

"I have a relative that is of great financial concern", "my financial situation seems disorganized, needs to be simplified" or "My heirs have serious issues, my estate plan might create more problems"

Outside the box, "real life"...