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Old Style Sales Techniques?

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Feb 26, 2013 2:55 am

Got an email offering a sales training program on audio. Just as I was thinking I need to double down on phone and face-to-face cold calling. The following is the heart of the email offer.  Comments?


Let's face it, the 'Old Style Sales Techniques' that have been taught for the past 50 years have completely lost their effectiveness. People today are too smart to fall for all those sales mind games and gimmicks. Sales occur 98% of the time because the prospect has developed some respect and trust for the salesperson. That type of relationship is born from having real conversations with people.

Today, you must learn to ask the right questions to get your prospects to tell you about their problems, what they really want, so they'll want to meet with you and they'll practically sell themselves!

Here's some points to consider...

Old Style Sales Technique #1 - "Selling is a numbers game." Sales is only a numbers game when all you know is traditional selling techniques. There is a better - easier method of building trust and getting your product or service message across. Simply by changing your sales approach and asking the right questions you'll begin a serious conversation with intelligent back and forth questions, answers, insights, clarifications, all for the purpose of attaining deeper understanding for both parties.

Old Style Sales Technique #2 - "Use a sales script to sell." People can tell when you're using a script, even if you think you're pretty good at it. There's nothing personal about it and people will pick that up. Being artificial just puts you into the typical "Salesperson" category. If you learn to ask the right questions to get people to tell you what they want, you'll eliminate the negative triggers that can lose your sale within seconds.

Old Style Sales Technique #3 - "Rejection is part of the sales process." Rejection is Not part of the sales process. Rejection is triggered by what you are telling them. Remember no one likes to be told. Ask the right questions to get them to tell themselves.

Old Style Sales Technique #4 - "Focus on closing the sale." Are you "going in for the kill" with your 101 closing techniques? If you are, then you could end up killing your deal instead. Old school closings techniques do nothing more than pressure the client or prospect, and as a result they naturally want to retreat away from that pressure... and that pressure is created by you. By learning to ask the right questions and getting them to tell you, you'll be able to move the sales process forward to get the result you want.

Learning to ask the right questions is the critical key to consistently
...Setting high quality appointments, with your 'Ideal Prospects!'
...Closing '9 out of 10' sales!

Asking Questions is how you establish immediate trust and competence with your prospects to build strong and lasting relationships. It's how you get your prospects emotionally involved in the sales process. It's what makes them WANT to solve their problems right now!