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October Cold Calling Madness

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Oct 3, 2011 4:47 am

Going to get after the phones hard this promises on daily reporting, or if I can keep up the pace, but if I do it's going to be a lot of calling madness.

Going to be pitching an all out collapse in the treasury market and a run on the banks ;)  I' Im gonna mix it up, I have several ideas, I'll share what I try as it develops.  I can handle feedback.

Oct 5, 2011 2:19 am

Just over 400 dials on Monday.  Did some 401K calls and residential, called a few businesses in my niche market-got a few emails/voicemails-will follow up on Wed with each of them.

430 dials, 40 contacts, left 40 voicemails, no love on prospects


500 dials, 48 contacts, left 40 voicemails(I stop at 40), no love on prospects but someone left me a message that I will follow up with tomorrow am.

Oct 5, 2011 4:55 am

Interesting to have no prospects after that many contacts- what's your script, and is your focus service or product?

What is your ratio of 401K, resi, and bus calls. Nice work on the dials- that's great volume.

Oct 8, 2011 2:45 pm

double post

Oct 7, 2011 11:55 am


400 dials, 60 ontacts, 40 voicemails, 1 prospect

My pitch varies depending on who answers the phone.  If is is a grandma I don't pitch the same as if it is a fast talking new yorker.  Some women you can tell are hard core just by how they answer the phone, if a woman gets rough with me by saying, 'who's calling or is this telemarketer' in a bad tone, I roll into a fear tactic 50% of the time to keep things fun.  'oh well this is Joe at MS in Jacksonville,  I am warning all investors I think they should get out of the stock and bond market immediately, before it is too late, pause, are you invested?  I think you are making a big mistake if you are not recognizing the risks that are obvious" ----I find this gets them thinking and talking when you know they are pissed you are calling them.

Hi...John?  Yes.  This is Joe from MS in Jacksonville do you have a moment?  Yea.  I'm looking for investors that are looking for a reasonable rate of return right now.  How do you feel about rates right now?

Hi...John?  Yes.  This is Joe from MS in Jacksonville do you have a moment?  Yea.  I'm looking for investors that are unhappy with how their FA has handled this recent pullback in market.  How do you feel your advisor has done recently.

Hi...John?  Yes.  This is Joe from MS in Jacksonville do you have a moment?  Yea.  I am looking for investors that may be interested in large natural gas stocks that pay 7% dividends right now. Do you have any intererest in 7%....

Hi...John?  Yes.  This is Joe from MS in Jacksonville do you have a moment?  Yea.  This is something you won't here very often, but I think bonds could be one of the most risky assets to hold right now and I am calling investors seeing if they would like to set up an appointment to discuss the risks in the bond market.

Hi...John?  Yes.  This is Joe from MS in Jacksonville do you have a moment?  Yea.  I'm looking for investors that have thought about owning gold but need more information.  What are your thoughts on owning gold?

Hi...John?  Yes.  This is Joe from MS in Jacksonville do you have a moment?  Yea.  Are you familiar with the new fee discolsures and regularions our politicians have put into place for 401K's?  Oh yea..Well, I am looking to meet with as many 401 providers as I can by the end of the year to see if there is anything we can do to educate o or evaluate your current plan for effectiveness.  Do you have an interest in discussing your plan or have any questions?

Hi...John?  Yes.  This is Joe from MS in Jacksonville do you have a moment?  Yea.  I am recommending all my clients get out of the stock market right now and sit in cash.  There is no sense in playing this game right now.  Do you have an interest a meeting or mind if I send you some information on myself.

Oct 7, 2011 12:01 pm


Much better night, finally was able to call to get to the list I had some faith in....

500 dials, 40 voicemails, 10 prospects on various pitches. 1 verified appointment.

pitch that worked best was reasonable rate of return.  I felt good after that night.  I even called 20 more and goofed around with another pitch for fun to test it out.  I actually like cold calling once I pick up the's like a book....i can't get started but once I do I enjoy myself

Friday may not be as many dials.  It's friday

Oct 8, 2011 2:46 pm


250 dials, 40 voicemails, 20 contacts, no prospects

Oct 11, 2011 3:42 am

Got after it today mixed it all up.  Called some businessess which didn't last long, too many receptionists.   Next time I am asked if they are expecting me I am going to say 'yea, he called me last week, i am returning his call.'  Spent the rest of the time calling all over the place.  Had one guy on the phone for a while which is fun for me...He answered the phone "What are you buying?"  I told him Whiskey, he's a golfer so we discussed the Beam/FO split.  He used to invest a lot and got out of the game in 2005, I could tell he wants back in so he gave me his email after the conversation without me asking, told me to send him stuff.  Had another guy on the phone for 10 minutes bullshitting and he finally told me to get lost basically b/c he is happy with all his brokers.  All in all a bad day of calling.

385 dials, 40 voicemails, 75 contacts, 2 prospects.....focusing on businesses tomorrow enough with the residential stuff for a while, it's not working, don't have to scrub the businesses either. 

Oh one good thing....I have an appt. with a client I just brought in to rearrange the portfolio.  He has 400k with me and another 400k cash, as well as 1.4 million with another wirehouse in all munis that are maturing left and right.  Spent 3 hours getting stuff together here and there, a lot of moving parts here, but after the initial discussion tomorrow I am going to ask for the muni portfolio.  We will see, I feel good about it......

Oct 12, 2011 12:19 pm

Good luck today Hedge.  Let us know how it goes and keep up the calling.  I'm about to begin myself.

Oct 13, 2011 4:16 am

Meeting went well.   Going to get 300K of the cash to work in 2 weeks along with the 400K account now.  The 1.4mm is coming over in a month.  Have to wait on the lawyer to get back from overseas.  Didn't have to ask for the account, was told it was coming over mid meeting.

Calls on Tuesday

200 dials, 40 voicemails, 30 contacts, 1 potential prospect. 

Calls on Wednesday

375 dials, 40 voicemails, 60 contacts, 0 prospects

Thursday should be a good call day, using a purchased list I got which are typically a little better.  Friday I am traveling but will make some calls still just not as much.

Oct 18, 2011 11:16 pm

I would love to have a few of yall call me and discuss over the pone yalls cold calling strategy.  I am looking to do more cold calling and really have not done much of it and wat inn.