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Need advice on facebook marketing

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Dec 3, 2019 2:49 pm

Hey guys,

So I am having a difficult time trying to set up facebook marketing to find new client leads. What is the best way to set up my ads to client leads? Interests, demographics, ad goal etc.

Ive run a few ad sets with no results.

For a goal of retirement planning Ive targeted

Age 55-65

Men and Women

100K plus

high income towns

Ive tried different interests and even just left it blank.


Jul 26, 2020 8:52 pm

Hello everyone! I had the same issues when starting my media business. I tried a lot of different ads targeting various groups, but they were not producing very well. I decided to reach out for help, and came across this goup They created the website and walked me step by step on constructing effective ads. I had my first sales within a week of my first ad going live, and have been growing since. They evolve with industry trends so we are always up to date with what's going on. If you are looking for direction and a group of like minded individuals, check out