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My marketing options

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Apr 20, 2012 8:06 pm

Just started prospecting, and considering a few of my options. Cold calling is going to be a mainstay of my strategy but there are a few other options that I'm considering.

Seminars, Advertising, Mailers, Cold walking

Seminars - the problem for me is the cost, I've watched another startup broker who has utilized seminars succesfully. However for mailing 1,900 pieces it cost him $1,800 and the event itself cost $250.00 and a total of 15 people showed up, he has yet to convert them to clients. For a young guy like me would it make sense based on the cost layout to start hosting my own seminars with a 50/50 spilt maybe with a wholesaler.

Advertising - I plan on putting a few advertisments in the local newspapers targeted toward a specific community which I have a niche in.

Mailers - I'm not sure if I should do any mailers but if I do, then I am going to opt toward sending mailers for mortgages, refi's and new purchases and not the generic service oriented mailers

Cold walking - Im not sure if I want to do this, dont think I can really walk into a place of business and bother another person, but might try it with a buddy of mine.

Does anyone have any opinions on the above mentioned options

Apr 23, 2012 12:59 pm

I have tried cold calling and cold walking and I cannot get anything from walking. Mailers can be expensive but they are worht a try.