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"Model Portfolios"

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Jul 9, 2009 9:06 pm

I found it interesting - I just checked out Jones’ updated Model Portfolios from their 11 recommended fund families (A share portfolios, not Advisory).  I was very interested to see that by far MFS had the best results across most time periods and most portfolio objectives.  Even better than the vaunted American Funds.  Now, part of that may be due to significant underperformance of international investments, which is weighted more heavily at AMF.

  I was sort of expecting FT to win out, but part of it may be the way they construct model portfolios.  They generally try to avoid overlap, hit different style boxes, etc.  I think FT could probably do better with the right construction.   I have only used MFS Global Total Return.  I don't really look at their other funds.  Anyone that is an avid MFS user shold give some thoughts....