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Sep 18, 2010 1:34 am

Was in the financial business for 9 years, but left for an internet partnership.  Good move for me.  But, the reason for this note is the materials I had purchased to study for the CDFA exam. 

I had successful relationships with a dozen or so collaborative divorce attorneys and they fed me business. To continue with this line of business and reap maximum benefit, I needed more education, and the CDFA was the best path to take.  I found there to be little/ no FA competition in the divorce/ division of assets arena. At that time, I was the only FA that had ever attended the collaborative divorce attorney monthly meetings in my city. 

But,............. I had an internet parternership opportunity come my way and took it.

Summary: Bought study materials in fall '08.  Never used. Bought for $1200, but will sell for $500.  Let me know.