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Make money online with an e-mail marketing database featuring 1 billion real e-mails

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Aug 6, 2012 11:54 am

Hello to everyone on,

I joined the forum a few days ago. I am pleased to be part of the community because I feel this community pertains to my business. I feel that our e-mail marketing business and product can give you an opportunity to make money at home and/or help your current business make money. And overall I feel this thread allows me to give you good e-mail marketing advice - that is if you're interested in talking to me.

So I'm just going to start off by introducing myself: My name is Tina Kong. I work as a sales manager for Mail Marketing Database (which is a small business enterprise). My business specializes in the research and development of e-mail marketing and business database services. 

I want to briefly touch on our business venture: Our product is the "Mail Marketing Database" – it currently consists of one billion real e-mail addresses from all over the world. The database package is updated every six months and only costs $25.

You can view our business video here: 

Our $25 Mail Marketing Database package consists of one billion real e-mails. The real e-mails belong to businesses, corporations, agencies, organizations, institutions and individuals from all professions. The countries and business industries included in our database are specified under the "Categories" section of our website. Our database also features the website address of over one million businesses (in various categories) from all over the world. Our database only contains website and e-mail information which we have obtained (with authorization) from international and local business directories. For example, a local directory from USA would feature e-mails of individuals and companies from American cities such as New York and Florida.

Essentially you're buying an information hub for your business. You're buying email lists (which is updated every 6 months) that features e-mails from all countries and a vast number of job industries. 

Think of it this way: you have a product you'd like to market but you're lacking the contacts; buying our Mail Marketing Database package would enable you to import the contacts from a CSV file and use our software to send out an e-mail to an unlimited number of contacts. But in addition to the business database, you also have access to various e-mail marketing software products and several e-mail marketing e-books to aid you in your e-mail marketing endeavours.

Let me know if you have any questions - I am here for you. You can also check us out on eBay, emillionforum and businessadviceforum.

Thanks so much fellow wealthmanagement pals 

Tina Kong