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Aug 16, 2010 6:35 pm

Hi all,

I am just curious about what has been working for everyone during the Summer.  I have generated 80% of my business through cold calling but I have noticed a significant increase in dials per contacts/leads/appointments/sales during the summer months.  Anyone else having success cold calling lately, and if so, any pointers? 

I have also been hitting the golf course for chairty tournamanets and single rounds.  I have had some success from this but nothing to thrive off of.  Any stories of success, failures, etc?  Thanks in advance for any posts, unless of course they mean-natured.

Aug 16, 2010 6:37 pm

I just proof read my post, and wasn't as clear as I thought.  I am having less success cold calling and not more success during the summer months which has led me to seek out alternative ways of prosepcting. 

Aug 16, 2010 8:10 pm

I have been trying to email all golf partners with "thanks for the round" follow-up.

Then, doing a regular educational lunch at the club and inviting these, along with clients (bring a friend)  and other prospects (golfers and small business people). Doing emails with extra attention to compliance.

This gives face time with clients and natural market prospects, regular email contact, and generates a little buzz.