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It Still Works! Simple Tax Free time Tested Approach 25 years and ticking

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Jul 21, 2011 7:20 pm

I've tried everything!

Seminars, Cold Callin, Shows, Referals.
I keep prospecting because my ave client is 76 years old...

Everything Works a bit. 

Day 1:  The man said if your're good ; 1% will be interested...
If your're really good 2% will be interested..
If your're outstanding 3% will be interested... You're Still gonna get slapped in the face 97 times...

'But what keeps working is Name Recognition and Urgency... and Personal Contact.


So' call with a recognizable name

Xyz Private School in wealthiest area/ Best local University/ Best local hospital

Has some new bonds available paying near 5.5% tax free ; like getting 7% taxable  yada yada

$100,000 in future value requires $40,000 today  ( for a zero) , or $100,000 will pay you $5535 a year.

Either ; We have $230,000 left... How many can we put you down for?

or Why don't we get together for a few minutes to see if these make sense getting added to your overall portfolio?

Normally these bonds come and go ; but you can usually find something comparable and we may determine they need to use another approach after a full review in person...


The meeting starts with 1 question:

What would you grade the approach or advisor you've used for the last 5 years? A-F? (like back in school).

You either get an A,  ( no hope)

or C  (a huge window),

Ok if I can show you how to get to an A, Would we have a chance to do business?

If yes, you're off to the races...

My 2c

Dash ( 1 spot for All your news,,,)