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If You Don't Size ; You're In for a Suprise!

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Oct 19, 2011 3:45 pm

You Mail ; You Fail

You Snooze ; You Lose!

I'll add:  If You don't Size ; You're In for a Suprise!


I talked to the lead , my cold caller handed to me.

He was President of a company with 60 employees  ( So far so good).

I mentioned a local utility income idea with a great yield, he sounded chirpy.

I asked him " If you look at the investment approach you've been using for the last 5 years, and you had to grade it, like you did back in school ..., A being very good, F being poor etc. Where would you sit today?"  .  ( He said D-)

I said "If I can get you up to an A, would you at least consider some alternative ideas? " ( He said yes)


So I ran out 22 miles to his company; Turns out his 401k is down 40% and his $2mm home is in foreclosure, etc.

He had $27,000 in the bank.

All the rest of his money was tied up in company stock/equipment and not in his investment portfolio...

He may have some cash next year...

Certainly a wealthy guy on paper ; But not our target  guy...


Once Again,  I FORGOT to SIZE!

By the way ; When you look at your current retirement investments, and your personal programs, and your portfolio... Are you working with over $2,000,000?

If they say errr,  Say    over $1,000,000?

I can normally get them to pinpoint their exact portfolio size ... as long as you start too high and work down...

Try and nail it down now, otherwise you may waste the next 6 calls and meetings  etc.

You can always add " The reason I ask is , Many of the Programs we review and recommend have minimums that lend themselves to clients with portfolio's over $1,000,000 or something...

So Size em ' Always!!!

Imagine if every single lead you had ; at least agreed that their portfolio was > $2,000,000...
You'd be in great shape if you gathered 500 of these leads to bang on.

My 2c


p.s. If $2,000,000 is too high , keep it at least at $500,000

Try not to write up any lead unless they agree to that minimum...

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Oct 23, 2011 3:35 pm

Excellent post and great advice....thanks for that!!!!!

Oct 27, 2011 8:50 pm