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Hunting instead of blasting?

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Jun 24, 2011 3:05 am

I'm not getting the results that I want from cold calling. I'll be the first to admit that I need more practice, I only have like 2,500 dials with a contact every 7-8 dials on average and still no opened accounts - just three appointments, two are small accounts. I'm thinking that what I'm doing right now is too broad, like I'm going hunting with a shot gun.

Here's what I'm thinking.

Replace the shotgun approach with a sniper rifle.

I don't mean elephant hunting.

I have a few business types that I want to prospect. I'm going to start making a list of them and then research/vet them to qualify/disqualify the people.

Without sounding too much like a cyber stalker let's just say I can find out a surprising amount of financial and personal data on any given person. It's especially easy when that person is an exec/owner of a local business.

So I get my list, I know who runs the company (and theoreticly the person I should talk to). Based on my research I've pre-qualified them.

So armed with my list of businesses that I want to hit, my pre-research I call them up and say that I'm going to be in the area (visiting another client or whatever), mind if I drop in for 5 minutes to introduce myself? Maybe bring them something like coffee and donuts. Tell them a little bit about myself and what I do and that I want the opportunity to compete for their business.

Idealy I want to find a problem before I go there, point it out to them and offer a solution.

Maybe just show up with snacks and ask the receptionist for so and so? ie don't call first. All I really want at first is the introduction because right now I'm not getting that over the phone.

I call it modified cold walking but it probably has another name. My logic is that its a little harder to dismiss someone that's pyshically in front of you, with a treat and know's who you are versus on the phone where you (the cold caller) are not a person in the prospect's mind.



Jun 24, 2011 2:07 pm

I think you should just change your pitch and make more calls..

Most business owners aren't going to have time for donuts/coffee...They are busy running their business and don't need a friend to chat with..

Change your pitch, call more people, then angle for an appointment with "I will be in your area tuesday, for appointments with other clients, I can stop by and show you a couple points"(Do this instead of offering to mail)

Jun 24, 2011 6:34 pm

You sound just like me when I started, and I stunk. You are overanalyzing a little too much. There is nothing wrong with getting detailed information on a client. The problem is you can't do that for 1,600 prospects, which will get you through a week of calling.

Once they become a qualified prospect, then do some research on the individual.

Don't get caught thinking. Turn off the computer. Turn off your ipod. Turn off your cell phone. Close the blinds. Elminate all distractions. Grab your list, dial, and ask for commitment. Have 400 names and numbers ready to go and dial. Take a short break at 200.

Jun 26, 2011 3:03 am

NewGuy is right. Don't waste your time, get on the phone or in front of the prospect. Everything else is a time suck.

Jun 28, 2011 2:58 am

You guys are right. Thanks.