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How to tap into Affluent Leads, if possible?

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Jan 31, 2017 2:48 pm

I recently began two jobs: during the day as a new Financial Planner with a private RIA, at night serving tables with a large well known corporate fine dining restaurant. The corporation does not like self promotion within their 4 walls, meaning I can not hand out literature or perhaps even my business card for my wealth planning firm, but for each table I serve I get a little print out with the guests first and last name, as well as perhaps their phone number or email address. It is a steady feed of perhaps 5-15 a night, and at a minimum I know their name and I know they have money since they are dining where the average check per person is $70.

I feel there is some value to the steady feed but I know I must also be careful, if I contact I don't want to establish a link of being their server. All it could take to get fired would be to serve a table that unbeknownst to me has a partner from corporate or a relative that reports back that a worker is soliciting the customers, and getting fired isn't an option for me with a young family, but I'm trying to brainstorm how to build a book of business from scratch.