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How to cold call for booking an appointment

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Oct 9, 2012 2:27 pm

Hi guys I'm Frankie from Finland, Northern Europe, and I'm currently working in Helsinki(Finnish capital), in an investment company as a Sales assistant, or to be more specific I book appointments for investment managers. I contact a list of stock holders here in the capital region, so most of the prospecting is already done for me because almost everyone who answers the phone would benefit from my company's service. The appointment is free and it is basically a wealth management and sales occasion. I've been doing this for 4 months now, planning to start college 12 months from now, i've recently finished my military service as a  finnish marine(rank lieutenant junior grade:) age 21. So back to the point, my work is quite different from you guys as you meet your clients yourself and have your own businesses. But my point here is that my employer gives me 60 contacts per day, i spend 5 hours at the office, and my goal is to book 4 appointments a day, from 60 contact i usually get 20-30 presentations so my success ratio should be 13%to 20%. Sometimes i reach those figures but now i'm having a bad month, lack of motivation and i am frustrated as i have only commission salary based on the clients who show up. So does anyones have any suggestions and tips and techniques on how i should time my day and calling rythm and some good ways to introduce myself. And how many presentations should i make every day to reach that goal of 4 booked appointments? Thank you very much! And greetings from chilly Finland!

Oct 9, 2012 3:47 pm

Frankie, remember the more people you call the more appointments you set. Try to double your calls a day. Few of us have the sale skills of Alex Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross (an American movie) so you have to just keep calling.

Oct 9, 2012 6:50 pm

60 contacts in a 5 hour day should be pretty easy. i shoot for 50 calls an hour and i cold call for 4-5 hours per day.

Dec 6, 2012 12:56 am

Frankie in Helsinki,
Great post and lovely to hear from a cold caller across the pond. I used to call when I lived in London, 400 dials a day, 5 days a week and so on.
You’re numbers look good, but the base isn’t there. Best to negotiate a base that will cover your expenses so that you don’t get down when the pipeline goes slow. Personally, i believe that not paying a caller, or an opener a base is crap and should not be allowed in this business. You have a UNIQUE talent, one that most don’t have. Picking up the phone, and initiating a relationship cold on the phone is huge.
If your boss can’t see the value, tell him, either you pay me a couple of grand a month, or go and hook up with someone who will actually INVEST in you and bring you on-line. Paid on show up’s…that’s nasty, and if you boss isn’t motivated enough to dig into his pocked to get them in the door, why would he be really motivated to do the biz,…….free means…worth nada.

Chin up, cheer up, you are the key to a lot of success…either yours or someone else’s…your numbers are good, your efforts are great, so…2 pay checks a month…or go somewhere that will support and encourage you…you’re young, on fire, full of dynamite…keep us posted.
All The Way