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Exchange marketing

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Jan 10, 2011 7:41 pm

See my post regarding Select Marketing Solution. My personal advice regarding Exchange Marketing is to be wary of them as well. This "company" has a website with the fake business address and phony names.

Their website claims an address at 4110 Tennyson St. in Denver Colorado.  Google poses a problem for these scammers in more ways than one.  As many know by now Google has mapped out most every street in the nation.  A Google map can bring you right down to street level and that's the start of Exchange Marketing's undoing.

In addition, a woman that goes by the phony name "Terry" stumbled over the pronunciation of the street she reportedly works at  "since March".   Also, I asked her what she sees when she looks directly across the street from her business - her answer: a bank.  Wrong answer.  Google tells us it's a furniture store.  She then did her best Ralph Cramdon: "hummida-hummidal hummida."  Then I told her what her real name was. Silence.

In reality, this an Illinois -based outfit.

I have come to understand that there are very strong connections between Exchange Marketing, the Prospecting Department and the infamous Select Marketing Solution.