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Event ideas and suggestions?

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Nov 8, 2006 3:10 pm

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I’m looking for some ideas and suggestions for organizations or companies that I can co-host events with.  Ideally I would find an organization or company who would furnish a list of members/customers to whom I can send invites.  I’m trying to avoid the need to post advertisements in newspapers or send out thousands of loosely targeted invites.


One thought I’m trying to think through is a contact who owns a recently expanded high-end apparel shop of which most of their clothing is their own private labels.  This store has a mailing list of existing customers.  I am planning on approaching him to co-host an event at the local hotel/conference center where he can showcase his Spring fashions and my sponsoring wholesaler and I can take 5-10mins presenting our services.  The benefit to me is access to his list of high-end clientele and the benefit to him is access to my list of clients/prospects and an event where all costs are covered for him.  Does anyone have any constructive thoughts/critiques on this idea?


Another thought I’m trying to think through is an active adult community (50+) whose single family homes sell in the $500m range.  I live across the street from their clubhouse and I’m friendly with a number of the residents.  I strike up casual conversations with them whenever my wife and I are walking our dog and we see them outside.  I know that they have regular events since I see their clubhouse parking lot packed for things such as their association meetings and their BYOP (Bring your own pizza) nights.  Considering how often these communities are approached, what do you think are my best chances for being able to host and event at their clubhouse for their residents?  Now that it is cold outside I don’t see too many of them when I’m going for my walks.  I am confident that I can get a wholesaler to foot the bill for an evening of dinner and drinks.


What types of events have you done or seen that have had the greatest amount of success?  Which organizations or companies that are not frequently approached do you think will be most receptive to co-hosting events with?  I’m specifically looking for things a little bit off of the beaten path.


Thank you!


Nov 13, 2006 9:07 pm

Whe had a guy in our region do a "Fashion and Finance" event just like you are thinking about.  He had some great success from it. 

I've got another friend who did a wine tasting for some prospects and clients.  The basic concept there was a smaller group (10-15) and a nicer event.  He found a nice restaurant in the area that specialized in wine and held it there.  Typically wine people are more affluent as it can be an expensive hobby. 

Hopefully you get some other great ideas.