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"Database Connects Athletes With Advisors," as reviewed by Private Wealth magazine

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Nov 21, 2010 7:48 am

Database Connects Athletes With Advisors
Within two years of retirement, 78% of former NFL players are bankrupt or under financial stress due to joblessness or divorce. Within five years of retirement, some 60% of former NBA players are broke. Brian Ouellette, a former money manager on the Chicago Board of Trade turned entrepreneur, was dumbfounded by these dismal stats, gleaned from a March 2009 article he read in Sports Illustrated.

This may be of interest for money managers, financial advisors, etc. who are looking to build relationships with and add professional athletes and their sports agents as clients in 2011...

...The database allows searches by name, sport, salary, location, personal Web sites, e-mail address and social networks. A one-year license is $2,500; other plans are available, with discounts and incentives, according to Ouellette.

The full Private Wealth magazine article can be viewed here, or here, 

Nov 22, 2010 10:13 am

Pro Athlete,

Are you permitted to prospect on this message board?