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Cold Calling Script - Ideas?

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Jan 23, 2019 2:32 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm working within the finacial sector in Denmark. My job is to find investor to my companys Real Estate projects.

Normally i need to find investors for a total of 10-15 milion $. Currently my investors have been private persons with savings etc. around 200K $ but i want to target a new group of investors.

I want to target smaller companies who generate yearly savings/cashflow, and instead of putting the money in the bank (with low return/risk) - they can spread their investments in a project of mine.

How should my cold calling script be towards these investors? I think i need to:

- Explain why i'm calling, what can i bring? right now the rates are very low in the danish banks, so they can get more return on an investment project like the ones im "selling".

I just can't figure out how to do it precisely. Maybe you can give me some feedback to my current script below:

Hi it's "my name", I call on behalf of (my company),

We offer investment projects within real estate to investors with private funds and/or their own business funds.

The reason i call you today is because i know that many companies today invest their profits in respectively shares or fixed-income. We have experienced high demand for investment in real estate because it turns out to be a good long-term investment with better returns than what you can get in the bank.

May i have 2min of your time to tell you abit more about the current opportunity i have?


Any advice is more than welcome!