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Cold Calling Journey Begins Today

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May 14, 2012 12:17 pm

Hi All! I wasted three months trying to get meetings and win the whole pie so today I'm changing gears and calling on muni bonds and I'll add in some preferred stock calls to see how those go as well. Here is the script I'm working from, it's an adaptation of one I found online:


My name is bob lawblob with Wire House Our firm has access to bonds that are paying X% tax free which has a taxable equivalent yield of Y% for XYZ Muni/School District/ETC. Do you ever invest in tax free bonds? The minimum investment is $50,000. Would it be alright for me to get some information about this out to you? I’ll follow up with you next week to see if you have any questions.


I'm going in with the $50,000 buy in to see if they are interested. Any feedback would be great.

May 14, 2012 7:00 pm

Sounds really good, keep us updated. 2 things since your new with this approach. Don’t try to convince (or at least spend much time on) people that aren’t interested. There’s people interested. Especially with cd’s/treasury offering zilch. 2nd, the only thing I’m not keen on is the wait 1 week for the followup. One great benefit about munis is the urgency. Let them know it won’t last! Personally I like funds but the urgency isn’t is strong. I know your goal is eventual wealth management etc but this sound approach ought to get you there.