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Cold Calling Journal to stop me being a lazy $%^!

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Sep 11, 2015 3:17 pm

Morning all, 

I have been an FA on a larger team for just over four years. In that time I still only have just over $10m of assets on my code. Pitiful. 

The problem is I have not been hustling; picking up that phone and dialing for dollars. I have made a fair amount of cold calls, but never consistently for it to generate results. There are always a million reasons I find to not call; never the right script, fear of rejection, worried about making calls in a quiet office (no one around me cold calls either) etc. All of which are total BS reasons. I just need to pick up the damn phone. I know the problem, its me, I am lazy. I need to fuel the drive, and hustle.

Hence my post. I am here to keep an online, black and white, account of what I am doing. The calls I make, the contacts I have made, and the successes I have.

Although I would love feedback - feel free to trash me when I do not call! - it is more for me to keep track and hold myself accountable. Therefore, this is my promise. I will post on this forum every weekday and note the calls I am making and the successes I have had. My plan is to talk with 10 people each and every work day (around 100 dials). FYI, the reason for the low call count is I have team duties as well, my time is not completely my own. From these calls I hope to be able to pull in around $7-$10m in the next 12 months. 

Any advice, encouragement that any of you can add would be really appreciated! 

FYI, all fee based, equity oriented, individual stocks, mid-size independent firm. 

Thanks for reading. Until the next post!

Sep 21, 2015 2:30 pm

Where are your posts? I know exactly what you’re going thru. Maybe we can help each other. I have similar struggles. I made zero dials last week. I’m back at it this morning, 30 down in the first half hour. Phone is ringing while I type, lol.

Don’t commit to something and then not do it. No one else will respond to your thread to give you positive reinforcement until you post some stats.

Sep 28, 2015 4:07 pm

Smilen 'n…where’s the 'n dialing…