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The Best Calling List I ever Found!

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Jan 27, 2012 9:16 pm

I too thought there was a list approach that would let me open up 10 new accounts a week!

I tried a lot of things...

I looked all over and even went to the court house to look through records.. for Divorcees and Large Bancruptcies
     to see whom they owed money to.

I tried  buying or trying lists from SECO, Prestige,CIS and many others

Everything has paid off if I diligently made the calls  BUT nothing significantly more than any other approach.
Spending $500 for a list today is not necessary and probably highway robbery!
The promises I've gotten from list brokers are mostly b.s. but yet I've gotten a few leads here and there.

I could probably call out of the phone book (scrubbed for the dnc  ; smile)

and do just as well ; ( We got 8 ideas over 8% ;  Let me demonstrate ok?) simple...

So I've tried...

401k people,
Insurance needers,
Free Erisa,
Manufacturer Guides,
Courthouses recently divorced  wives...
Craiglist selling boats/planes/ Bentleys/

Business Broker Lists

People selling houses > $2,000,000
People with Retirement plans > $1,000,000

People with cd's due
People new to the area.

People just promoted  etc. etc.
Presidents in the area on Linked - In ( Every-ones a president of their lemonade stand...)
CPA's  to develop joint marketing

As a start...

I stick to 3 or 4 things now...

Lord Abbett  Intelligence ( FREE , call your wholesaler...) ( Thanks to Element I think )
Linked In - Ask Client  ( Here is your Linked In - "Circle the people I can call on your list ??? )
I just want to see if they may - or may not  - Want to consider a few reasonable ideas - ok??


All lists are similar...

Today: All people are difficult to reach...
They hide behind voicemail and cell phones and secretaries

If you're good  1/100 will be intererested

If you're very good 2/100 ....

If you're Extremely good   3/100...

So yeah ; this is a tough business and no list will replace making 50 pitches a day

6/ hour x 8 hours sustained for 5 years...


This difficulty keeps the riffraff at bay and allows you to succeed!

I like a name and a  phone number and I will call it  ; period.

You can't control the results, Just the activity... ( My old manager once said ...)

So make the F%$%% calls and quit complainin'

My 2c Dash

p.s.  Ask " When you look at your portfolio and add it all up , Are you working with over $2,000,000 Mr Jones.

If he says yes ... thats a nice lead , get 300 of those and you'll be ok...

Jan 27, 2012 9:38 pm

Good post.  I agree 100%.

Jan 27, 2012 10:00 pm


Thanks, very good info. Good for you for helping out like this and giving some guidance....hats off.

All The Way