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Autodialer: effective Cold Calling tool for securities and insurance?

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Sep 19, 2011 7:53 pm

Having spent 12 years selling voluntary benefits, I've recently decided to "up my game," join a major life insurer and market directly to business owners.   The challege, as usual, is prospcting.  Dialing by hand, I can make approximately 40 dials an hour, but I'm told that with a "single line" autodialer such as Salesdialers, Mojo or CallFire, I would be able to at least DOUBLE those numbers -- and save on the stress of actually reading numbers, punching them in and taking notes about the call.  (With an autodialer, there is a CRM -- Customer Relationship Management program -- built into the system.)

Since I understand that new stockbrokers are often instructed to make 300 calls a day, does anyone here have autodialer experience in order to make this chore easier when selling securities?   I ask because we're largely after the same type of prospect: successful, with money and needing a place to put it -- and in my case, needing to protect that business with Disability, Buy / Sell, Key Man, financial planning etc.

I appreciate the advice and counsel.

Sep 20, 2011 4:27 pm

Use of autodialers are banned and out of compliance at many large firms.