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Any wholesalers on this board? Enjoy your work?

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Oct 24, 2007 10:36 pm

I have always been interested in the breed of wholesalers I have come in contact with in my years in the business.  They are open about many things but their compensation and how they enjoy the day-to-day grind is not among them. 

  They must do decently well for themselves judging by the cars they drive and watches they wear.  However, I wonder how much enjoyment could come from all the travel and lunch meetings they do.  It is definately a younger mans job - although there are a few really good "seasoned" wholesalers I have come in contact with I wonder what happens to these guys when they turn 45.  Do they just dissapear off the face of the earth?  or are they sent to the big home office in the sky?   Would love to hear from any wholesalers (if any) on this board or others who have opinions or information on this side of the business.