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AllianceBernstein Method

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Sep 19, 2008 8:15 pm

Does anyone here have any experience with the AllianceBernstein method for developing referral relationships with COI's?

I know they made a big deal of it at Merrill Lynch a few years ago.  It is a pretty rigid system that helps you control the situation with CPA's, Atty's, etc...  I guess AllianceBernstein makes their wealth managers use this system and the average guy brings in like $60MM per year.

If you have experience with this system, I am curious to know what you have found that works best.

Sep 19, 2008 10:07 pm

Not a lot of experience with it, but our AB wholesaler gave us two Advisor Institute workbooks a while back called:

1) The Professional Referral Method, Securing Referrals from CPAs and Attorneys (2005),
2) The Front-Stage Advisor, 10-Step Plan for Growth (2006).

The Referral Method is a step-by-step 80+ page workbook you use to meet other COI’s.  It comes complete with scripts and questions after each exercises.  The other book is fairly short and self-explanatory.  You may want to ask your wholesaler for updated copies. 

The wholesaler worked with us for a while, but we didn’t really implement it wholeheartedly as we already have our own referral system.  We did refer clients to TPA’s (not so much CPA’s) and they have referred other clients’ 401(k)'s to us incidentally.  Again, it is all about building relationships with other financial service providers.