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401K rollover experts needed

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Oct 5, 2009 2:47 pm

For almost 2 months now, our team has had the awesome opportunity of working with almost 30 of some of the best advisors around the country. We currently have a 95% client retention rate.

  Our advisors have been patient with us through our growing pains. In about 2-3 weeks we will be bringing online our state of the art facility in San Francisco which will allow us to start accepting more advisors again.   We are opening 25 pre-enrollment slots around the country. Some markets are no longer available, however many major markets still have a few spots available.

Our ELP (Endorsed Local Provider) program is quite simple. We are building a next generation career placement service that works with highly qualified professionals from around the country that have recently been out placed.

These professionals in many cases have 401K and other financial related needs. This is a great opportunity for a financial advisor. Our team refers our candidate to our ELP by name and allows our ELP to set up an introductory “cup of coffee”.

Each of our candidates are referred to you complete with all contact info as well as a fair amount of competitive intelligence. Each referral is $25.

If you are interested in learning more, please reply to me personally and I will follow up.

Allen Samuel

Chief Marketing Officer/CoFounder Career ExChange/A division of PeopleOps LLC [email protected]