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Small Business Freeze

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Oct 27, 2009 6:57 pm

Look what our leaders have been putting us through:   Small business people who could create jobs are scared. The future of (sustainable) economics is in small business. Isn't this ironic, the liberals who hide behind things like "green jobs" and health care are creating havoc in the small business community?   Green jobs and health care are good, and the current administration and the "liberals" don't have a monopoloy of what's good for America.   For registered reps, the small business market can be good, but it's tough. Better keep your insurance licenses - if you're bothering to remain a registered rep and not going RIA, you should be very interested in small business (especially DI insurance from our generalist point of view) , small business is the future of our economy.   Here's a prospecting idea, lead with a discussion of this article, and ask about DI coverage ( I know times are tough and so is cash, but if you wake up every day and make a good effort, is the "cash machine" of you business protected if some pot smoking idiot runs into your car while you are making a turn - protect your downside.)
Oct 29, 2009 1:39 am

What is this “we and our” business?  Do you have a turd in your pocket?