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S&K Menswear

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Oct 29, 2008 7:16 pm

Just thought I’d share my experience with them.

I purchased 4 suits from them during their "Buy one, Get one of equal or lesser value free."  I just bought them last week.  When I checked my bank statement I saw that I was charged for all 4 suites, nearly twice what my invoice showed.  When I called to complain I kept getting a voicemail.  Finally they responded to my e-mail and said I was charged for all the suits because the sale ended on the 19th and they don't know why the invoice on the site still showed the items as being on sale.  Long story short, I tried to return them at the store like they said I could, the guy at the store refused to take them saying they had to be sent back to the address on the website.  So I've paid twice what I was told I'd be paying and nobody will take the suits back and give me a refund.    My advice, S&K isn't worth it in my opinion.