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Security Industry Novel

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Mar 23, 2009 4:37 pm

There’s a new novel coming out by a guy named Willaim Pack who was an EVP/Divisional director at Smith Barney/Shearson/Soloman/EFHutton etc a few years back. It’s a fictional family saga, but a huge part of it runs through decades in the retail brokerage business and skins it bare and fries it, especially management, I guess. It’s getting strong early reviews by critics. I guess there’s also a couple of retired presidents of firms who are strongly endorsing it. Apparently it’s haunting about how the industry got in this mess, how management manipulates big bonuses, and illegal stuff. The publisher gave it its own web site - I guess the first edition is nearly sold out in advance orders on Barnes and Noble and Amazon, and there’s two months to go before release. Should be interesting.