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Recording Phone Calls

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May 6, 2009 4:09 am

I’m no expert!

However, I’ve seen some guys on here saying how they’ve kept maticulous records of phone calls, etc.

Well, I may not have much finance knowledge, but IT is something I may help with.

Why don’t you guys just use Skype? For $3/month you can a “normal” incoming number, you can call landlines, receive voicemail, forward calls to another number, etc.

Can also get a “desktop” or “Wi-Fi” phone that sits on your desk, just like any other phone. Plugs into your computer via USB or operates separately from your computer through WiFi.

Can also adjust how your number appears on the caller ID - handy feature. Perhaps most of all useful though is the meticulous record keeping that it does automatically, and the fact that you can record phone calls with one click with an application calls Pamela.

If there’s some regulation rule against this, sorry I didn’t know.

Otherwise, see signature before posting!