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Liberal Elitism (Not)

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May 20, 2010 10:35 pm

I spelled bible right. This country was founded on the grounds of religious freedom, not dominance. You are typical of the koolade drinking right wing bigoted born again yahoo that seem to dominate E/J. That's why the company will never dominate this industry. But you'll always have a little niche in the town of lower east jesus where cousins get married and sheep are nervous.

May 21, 2010 6:54 pm

I see you chose to attack my religious beliefs, not my political satire.  Typical leftist moon bat tactic. 

You got the letters that spell the word Bible in the correct order, but since it's the title of a book, whether or not you believe what is written in it, you should capitalize the B.  I don't agree with Mein Kampf, but I'll still capitalize the M and K because it's grammatically correct.  You did get through grade school, didn't you?   

Religious dominance?  What gives you the impression that the church, in whatever denomination, wants dominance?  Now, we do wish that all of you destined for Hell heathens would turn from your wicked ways, but we don't want to dominate anything.  We certainly don't want to run the government.  We would, however, like to be allowed to live out our faith without persecution from, to borrow your word, bigots like you.  We're also a little afraid that if you folks continue to remove God from this country, that we're in big trouble.   

You should seriously go back and study on the number of men who wrote our Declaration of Independance and our Constitution who were devout Christian men.  Of course that was a different time when it wasn't politically incorrect to admit that you might not actually be the one pulling the strings in this world.   

You don't seriously equate EDJ's success or failure with the number of people that they employ that would claim to be Christians, do you?  If so, that may be the dumbest thing I've ever heard anyone say on this forum.  And I've heard some really stupid remarks.   Made a few myself.  There are tons of reasons why Jones may never dominate this industry, but employing convservative, Bible believing folks isn't one of them.  I would venture to guess that while many Jones FAs might claim to be Catholic or Methodist or some other denomination, the number of people who would actually say they were actively living their life in a Bible based, Christ focused manner would be very small.  Probably less than 5%.       

As to being a born again yahoo - guilty as charged.  Right wing - conservative, yes.  Kool aid drinking - I've been guilty of that.  Bigoted - if this means that I believe things like homosexuality are wrong, then I'm guilty as charged there too.  But that's been pretty well documented here before.  That's actually a pretty good thread if you can find it. 

If I were a Muslim would you feel differently about me?  Would you capitalize the q in Quran?  Seems that these days it's more acceptable to be a Muslim than a Christian.  It's OK to say that those Tea Party folks are nothing but a bunch of religious nut-jobs.  But evidently it's not OK to say that those folks who crashed airplanes into the WTCs and Pentagon, tried to blow up a car in Times Square, killed soldiers at Ft. Hood, and keep blowing themselves up in busy shopping centers in Iraq and Afghanistan are Muslim Jihadists doing what they are because of their religion.