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Ken Lewis's Home is for sale

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Feb 17, 2010 3:32 pm
I want to buy it and defecate in it.   In the market for a place to call home in Charlotte, North Carolina? Want a place filled with memories and a wet bar where many a Boone’s c***tail was stirred? Fantabulous news— Ken Lewis is trying to sell his house. The 7517 Morrocroft Farms abode comes with 4 bedrooms, five fireplaces, a patio, a porch, a private pond for reflection time (“is this Merrill thing a good idea or a great idea?”), marble floors, and surround sound, all for the extremely reasonable price of $4.5 million. No one else has lived there (the place was “custom made” for Lewis in 1995), so you won’t have to wonder who left the vomit stains on the rug in the master bath, which is comforting. The listing also comes with a handy mortgage calculator and we’re told Countrywide CEO-cum-Bank of America butler Angelo Mozilo would be happy to sit down with you and talk options.