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Dec 24, 2009 9:48 pm
Billy Mays:

[quote=chief123][quote=Billy Mays][quote=Moraen] [quote=Billy Mays] [quote=Ron 14]I understand that sometimes civic pride can lift spirits. The reality is 2005, the year of Katrina, they were 3-13. Did that make things worse ? The following year they made the NFC title game and I could understand some of the Katrina talk then, but three seasons later ? The media did the same crap with Michigan St in the final four. Some dude from Ford who worked there for 35 years, just got the axe and can’t move because his home is down in value 75% doesn’t give a flying crap whether or not Sparty brings home a national title !!!

same goes for september 11, enough already!!!

some people died, some buildings fell down and the president whored out their memory to start the war he really wanted. [/quote] Sept. 11 we were attacked. Just like Dec. 7th. The part you left out was, “Terrorists crashed planes into buildings”. Katrina was a natural disaster that swamped an area that was already under sea level. Don’t try to compare the two, because they do not equate.[/quote]

I don’t believe it was “terrorists”:

Dec 7th was a strategic military decision

April 19th was CIA

Sept 11 was a collaboration with CIA and Saudi Intelligence

People who strive to rule (read: control) the world have little respect for human life - ours or theirs.



I can get on board with the first comment, but the others just sound crazy to read out loud.[/quote]

50 years ago, people would have said you sound crazy saying this about Dec 7th.

In 1995, private militias were rapidly growing in popularity. This was viewed as a threat to America. So, “they” found a patriotic soldier; someone who had no problem giving his life for anything his country asked. He committed the most attrocious act against children and government workers. His act was attributed to the militia movement - and suddenly, militias fell out of vogue.

In 2001, the neo-con movement was in power in Washington. They believed Clinton’s views on collaboration, negotiation and discussion were bad for America. They believed America made a mistake leaving Iraq in 1991 and that we needed to re-enter and destroy Iraq to prove our military supremecy. The only problem was convincing the public to accept a bloody ground war.

At the same time, the Saudi Empire needed to start making plans for the eventual depletion of their oil reserves. Once the largest oil reserve in the world, the Saudi Arabian fields will probably only last 10-30 more years. And, 60 years of high-tech surveying has proven there is no more oil in Saudi Arabia. If the US controls Iraq, Saudi companies could stay in business providing field services right across the border in Iraq and continue providing oil for the US.

Bin Laden is both American CIA and Saudi Royalty. He is probably in Saudi Arabia

More than half of the hijackers were Saudi Arabian.


Popular science already disproved your ridiculous conspiracy theory. Hard science, not wacko conspiracies. Militias fell out of vogue a long time ago. My uncle was in that building in '95. The guy was a wacko.