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Firm/s Image ... Client/s Perception

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Aug 15, 2008 6:13 pm

Just throwing this out as a Topic on a Friday afternoon. Not meant to be a Firm/s bashing bout but rather the perception by Client/s and the image that Firm/s want to portray.

  Ad One - Two middle aged men , sitting having lunch at the Country Club both dressed in conservative suits. The broker jokes with client about their investment strategy. The client says he now has money to spend. The client then jokes with for lunch. Broker says over the years I have always paid for lunch.   Ad Two - Middle aged couple sitting in their living room reviewing their investments with their female broker. The message making sense out of investing.   Ad Three - President of Firm , sitting in his very typical conservative suit in the conservative toned office. For individuals having a minimum of 500K to invest you can have a Private meeting with one of our Regional Vice-Presidents.   Ad Four - Well known actor introduces the viewers to a young , very fashionable young man with open neck shirt and new age hair cut. He sits in front of his computer and talks about his market strategy and now able to access a Trading Program with all the bells and whistles.   The message/s of course to Target market and I suspect all the firms are very aware of their client base. Viewing many posts it appears that we also have a clear vision of whom we have or want as clients. The comfort zone we are most at ease with is likely where we are all doing our business.