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Cell phones at dawn

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Jul 17, 2009 3:29 pm

Enjoying the quietude on the short journey in this morn, and was sitting at an intersection just chillin’, waiting for the light.  Crossing traffic got the green first, and the parade started by, and I noticed the first couple drivers going across talking on their phones.  So, out of idle curiosity I started counting, and out of 12 vehicles that made that light, 10 had the drivers yakking on the phone.  So I look around at the other vehicles sitting and waiting, and the left turn lanes on my side and the opposite side, as well as the lead vehicles in the other stationary lanes that I could see, all had the operators blabbing away.

  Who are all these people talking to at 6:30 in the blessed am?  What is so important that it must be discussed wirelessly before the sun has dried the morning dew across America?   I'll bet 85% of the conversations I witnessed between females are just like the ones my sister used to have back when she was in jr. high..."What are you wearing today?  Really?  That makes you look so cute!  I'm wearing that outfit I got at that place that time where we went and they had the stuff with the things and that guy was there and he said you were cute and stuff..."   Gah, just shut up and drive!
Jul 17, 2009 3:46 pm

I wonder the same thing.

In Jersey it's against the law to use a non hands free cell phone while driving. Shortly after it was passed into law, on my way home, i was cut off by a driver yaking away on his cell phone as he aimlessly drove his Acura MDX. At the next light I rolled along side and noted it was a high profile VIP. It was one of the NJ state senators who had passed the no cell phones while driving ban. I figured ,well, the law applies to us little people. If i hadn't swerved to miss him as he went through the red light and cut me off i'm sure that some how, some way, it would have been my fault.
Jul 17, 2009 8:58 pm

Cell phones don’t work well here in the mountains. In a way it sucks because I would like to get rid of my land line.