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In case you missed the State of the Union address

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Jan 31, 2010 11:46 pm
"My fellow Americans, since muh ma arrogance precludes me from learning anyfin' at all from muh ma first year in office, I be going ta continue wiff da exact same policies you've already so overwhelming an' convincingly rejected. I'm going ta slam heath care down yo' throats, I'm going ta slam cap an' trade down yo' throats, an' guess what, I'll be running da railroads too. And since nuttin' cures jealousy bettah than seeing da rich brought down uh few notches, they'll be seeing some nice tax increases, an' those pimpz on Wall Street, well, let'sjust say dey won't be seeing bonuses any tyme soon. And just fo' pimp-tight measure, if ya borrow from deez pimpz an' can’t pay it back right away, well that’s OK, ya don’t gots ta.

Let’s face it, what’s fair iz fair, an' we's mus' certainly be fair. Provided o' course, fair iz whatever I say it iz, certainly not what some unenlightened men on da bench say it iz. As fo' muh ma predecessors policy o' “don’t ax, don’t tell”, regardless o' how successful it may gots been, iz now, “if ya don’t tell, we’ll ax,” cuz we's here in Washington really need ta know what you’re doin' in da bedroom. Of course, none o' dis here iz really as important as jobs. Too important ta wait fo' Congress ta act, so by an executive order I signed earlier taday, jobs in banking, insurance, anyfin' on Wall Street, in fact, any job at uh company bigger than muh ma hood deli, iz nahh longer jobs at all; I’m shutting dem down immediately. Instead, all economic activity will be conducted at muh ma newly created, also by executive order, Ministry o' Plenty, which iz ta be headed by uh hand-selected, blue-ribbon, bipartisan committee o' clean energy experts.

Let me just finish up wiff uh motivational reproach fo' all da peeps I’ll be working wiff over da next few years: fo' ya Republicans, how dare ya stand in da way o' muh ma infinite wisdom wiff yo' lousy 41st vote; fo' ya Democrats, how dare ya govern so ineptly as ta not pass muh ma agenda; an' fo' ya rats on da high court seated just 10 feet in front o' me, how dare ya tell me what da Constitution says. My fellow Americans, I will not relent, I will not concede, an' I will not give up, nahh, not till by likeness iz added ta Mount Rushmore.”   Ya'll is mad stupid
Feb 1, 2010 2:35 am

The chicken guy is back!

Feb 1, 2010 3:20 pm

funny. But give him a chance. He inherited the biggest sh*tshow ever. THE BIGGEST. 12 MONTHS give him a break. GW jr was an arsehole…arshole.

  Seriously?  Still with the GWB is the problem?  Obama had a super majority vote in both the house and senate for 12 straight months...and didn't accomplish a thing except to raise the projected deficit to mind numbing heights.  And today I hear that his budget is going to congress.  With over a $1 TRILLION deficit built into it.  At what point do you Obama supporters wake up and realize that if he had accomplished what he wanted that the country was completely screwed?  I guess the silver lining in the black cloud (no pun intended) is that he is so horrible at leading this country that he couldn't manage to screw it up any more than he already has.  Did you hear his "State of the Union" speech?  I still don't know what state the union is in because he didn't tell us that.  He told us all about the things he still wants to do.  Even though the people have already told him we don't want it.  I guess it's easier to blame GWB for everything than to face the fact that you suck at leading the country.  I can't wait for November.     Maybe we can give him a break if you can give us a list of the things he's accomplished this last 12 months.  If you could show us how hard he's working at fixing this country we can just sit back and wait for him to work his magic.  I'll start the list for you:   1.  Cash for clunkers 2.  ???    
Feb 1, 2010 3:50 pm

I say you both get Xbox360’s and fight it out on CODMW2.  I think that will prove who is right.

Feb 1, 2010 4:49 pm

I didn’t say he was doing the right thing.  I said he inherited a piece of sh*t.  I said I am going to give him more a sample than 12 months.  I don’t know if Obama will be successful but I can tell you GWB wasn’t in his full term.  BTW I voted McCain even though I thought he let Palin steal the election from him   Wait a minute your Pro GWB…oh yeah the relgious right…I get it.

  I wouldn't say I was pro-GWB.  And yes, I'll vote with my religious views often.  I will not, however, simply vote for someone because they say they are religious.  A candidate can say they are a Bible thumping believer who believes in speaking in tongues and laying on of hands, but if they don't show a conservative voting record, they're not going to get my vote.    As for Obama - he's only got 4 years to do whatever it is that he wants to try to get done.  One is already gone.  He doesn't get a pass the first year to get settled in.  Just like college students don't get a pass on their first couple of semesters to get adjusted to dorm life.  You either adjust quickly and get good grades or you screw your GPA for your entire college experience.