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Another golf/frog story

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Apr 1, 2008 9:10 pm

A golfer was telling the story about how he was struggling through another round when at the 17th hole as he was lining up to take his second shot he hears “Rivet,nine iron.” The golfer looks up and sees a frog. Again the frog says"Rivet, nine iron." The golfer figures he has nothing to lose so he pulls out the nine iron and swings. To his amazement the ball lands a foot from the cup! He sinks it and then moves on to 18. As he’s sizing up the fairway he hears"Rivet, three wood, Rivet, three wood" as the frog is watching from nearby. So he pulls out the three wood and drives. Again, he can’t believe his eyes when he gets a hole in one! He looks at the frog and says" Your my lucky frog, I’m taking you to Vegas!" They walk into the Bellagio and the golfer asks the frog “Where to?” The frog says “Rivet, roulette red 36, Rivet, roulette red 36.” So the golfer goes to the roulette table and lays 50 grand on red 36. And then he wins millions! He takes the frog up to a penthouse suite and asks “Frog, you’ve been wonderful to me, what can I do to repay you?” The frog replies “Rivet, kiss me.” So the golfer kisses the frog and as he does the frog turns into an absolutely beautiful 15 year old girl.  With that the golfer says" And that, your honor, is how I ended up with an 15 year old girl in my room in Vegas!"

Apr 1, 2008 10:32 pm