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U4 amendment disclosure

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Mar 4, 2013 1:11 am

Greetings all, I am interested in any assistance you may provide collectively. Please understand that I am here as a search for other information has provided zero help and I do not want to beat down my compliance doors…

In 2008 I was working for a firm highly visible and involved with the fast movement of the market. Our firm is owned by a firm that was constantly in the news. That being said I had a lot of late days and nights. As a result, one client was being rather spiteful with lawsuit threats unless I got her annuity surrendered. Long story short, this was an orphaned 403b that needed PA signature. I faxed three times to the PA and each time got no response. After a particular heated conversation I gave in and signed off as PA. Yes I know it was a stupid thing and would appreciate not being crucified over ethics, etc… In the moment with kids to raise, my future in the industry as my company blew up, and to avoid being sued for something that was being blamed on my incompetence, it seemed right to just get it done. I submitted the form and our compliance caught it. I immediately expected to go to jail and self reported this to my boss. In the end it was noted I did nothing for financial gain and the client was taken care of, I was allowed to keep my job, but had to update my u4.

I have been in the industry and this was my only blip, never even had one complaint, and my view of ethics has skyrocketed. I have been a model employee, have completed my coursework for the CFP, and have followed the rules to a T. Here is what I need help knowing: On my detailed report on broker check there is nothing on my record. When applying for a job (interviewed by 13ppl that i got) I was told at the 11th hour that this was on my record. And that the job would go to someone else.

Q1. How can I see what amendments are on my U4 without going to my compliance officer? I have a new boss and would rather not awaken sleeping dogs

Q2. How long will this amendment stay on my record? Does self reporting this help in any way?

Q3. Will this mark on my record bar me from being accepted as a CFP? I really would like to not take the test and review if I will be excluded based on my error.

Q4. What do I need to report to future employers if this has to be disclosed? How can I find it?

Thanks for your non-judgement and openness on this topic. I want to do the right things and by seeking input here I feel I am educating myself.