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SMALL FIRMS; Make Sure to Vote!

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Dec 4, 2007 8:15 pm


Bill Singer Endorses Small Firm Advisory Board Candidates Written: December 4, 2007

On or about December 14, 2007, FINRA is slated to mail its Election Notice and Ballots to small firms' executive representatives for the Small Firm Advisory Board (SFAB) contests involving the five open regional seats in Midwest, New York, North, South, and West.

The best way for you to maintain the decade long momentum started by the NASD Dissident Movement (now known as the FINRA Dissident Movement) is to support the election of candidates seeking to restore self regulation to a partnership of the regulator and the regulated. To further that process, we must promote a collegial dialog between regulators and the regulated, and between various industry factions. One way to accomplish those goals is by supporting sincere, progressive candidates seeking election to FINRA offices.

I commend to all dissidents and reformers the following candidates:


At this time, I express no other preferences for any other contested elections and urge you to fully investigate the positions and background of all candidates. In the event I support multiple candidates whose number exceed the available number of contested seats, I urge you to investigate their backgrounds and cast your vote for whomever you deem best qualified.