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Putting a mark on my U4

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Jan 8, 2008 12:00 am

Ok here is the situation. I am a newly registered rep, was not even suppose to take the 63 until end of this month.

   I left my old brokerage firm on October 15th. On December 24st they supposdly caught and employee stealing. My old firm (the firm he has since left) is saying that he said he was stealing for me-I found all of this out today. So I contacted the kid who was caught and he said he never ever mentioned my name in anyway. He also told this to my current sales manager, my firms principal and to my old firms prinicapal.
My old firm contacted my new firm and said they are going to mark up my U4 and I am a suspect in the  investigation. My new firm has put me "on leave" until the situation clears.
When I talk to my old boss, he said he does not know "what is true and what is false." This bothers me because the person being accused has told my current compliance officer, my sales manager, my old compliance officer that  I am not involved he even sent me a text message for me to show to everyone. But for some reason my old boss see's it fit to go after me.
So my question is what are my chances of being convicted?  Isnt this all hear say? How long can my old boss cause this "investigation" to go on?  I asked for a police report number and he told me he has not implicated me to the police report YET, but he has not ruled me out until he "works out the facts".   My job said I can come back as soon as I am cleared...   Sorry about the double post, just saw the legal section
Jan 15, 2008 4:27 am

please retain an attorney.  good luck