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PLEASE READ from Bill Singer

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May 6, 2008 5:51 pm

If you have ever read my or content, PLEASE make an effort to read this important blog posting:

For many years we have all exchanged ideas about reforming Wall Street and, pointedly, about setting up a trade group for individual RRs.  This may well be that "now or never" moment.  I urge all of you who pursue a career in our industry to please read my posting and contact me at [email protected]   All my best!   Bill Singer
May 8, 2008 6:02 pm
Not so fast Mr. Singer!!!   We are not going to let you run from the fight that quickly. would love to have your help in continuing the fight.  We are the only trade organization that is catering to the individual broker because after all.....Its the brokers who raise capital and stand on the front line taking bullets.    Please feel free to join the SIPA and we would encourage all Brokers to keep fighting the good fight and to check us out and please join