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New and Improved NASD Policies

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Sep 27, 2006 8:42 am

Please read the most recent 3 press releases. 1 addresses firm size (with respect to market cap/revenues et al). The other elaborates upon why firm size should be considered when levying fines. The purpose of a fine is to reform a firm, not bury it. Recidivists (those who can't reform themselves) should be spanked harder each and every time.

The other item is an enforcement action against a very sleazy broker-dealer which made a market in penny stocks.

Please be advised the NASD under Mary Schapiro is 10 times better than the NASD under Robert Glauber. Mary doesn't kiss white shoe butt. Mary's not afraid to permit her enforcers to kick butt when need be whether it's a white shoe firm whose CEO's "people" came over on the Mayflower or a bucket shop whose CEO resides in Brighton Beach and speaks Russian better than English: "Gavaroot penny stock pump and dump?"

The new and improved NASD does not take into consideration whether a CEO got his MBA from Harvard/Yale or a 6 month certificate in cold calling from Pace University.

FD: I am not the NASD's mouthpiece and these comments are 100% my own opinion. No one at the NASD "ghostwrote" them in advance.