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Need advice bad

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Sep 7, 2011 7:35 pm

Let me give you background.. I moved from philadelphia pa to NJ in Nov and in March got arrested.. The arrest was a criminal sexual contact but was changed before I went to court to Harrassment. In Pa they go by Felony and misdeameanors.. In NJ its crimes and disorderly conduct. I let my firm know of the arrest, but was not aware that when arrested as a crime that was a felony at the time. When i found out thru a mutual advisor months later that a crime is a felony, I let my firm know, and also started process to amend my U4.  Even though I didnt know I was arrested with a felony I know i am late. How will FINRA look at this situation. I kept my firm updated on everything and started to update my U4 as soon as this came to light. I never tried to hide anything. Does FINRA have a black and white process or will they look at situation.