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Leaving Broker

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Jan 28, 2009 8:42 am

Read everything I could on here, decided to post my own question. I have only been with two firms, left other firm little over two years ago, signed a 9 yr forgivable loan. I would compare my new firm to the “Death Star”, don’t even want to go in anymore. They have cut my pay to the point that I don’t think I have any future there.  I have a clean U4 and no issues outstanding.  I want to go independent, and would like to leave and try to negotiate repayment of loan down some and repay it over a period of time (maybe five years), I have two questions,

1) Is this possible, can u leave a firm before fufilling the contract, and do these things ever get negotiated down? (I want to and I am willing to repay, just can’t immediately and don’t know if I can entire amount)

2) What other issues am I facing, TRO etc.?