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Apr 1, 2009 12:37 pm



Shhh!!!!!!!!!!  Don't tell everyone yet, but there are some big goings-on going on at  We've been listening to what you want and we're starting to build it. It's going to be new. And different. 

Bottom line: If you are a registered person, a Broker-Dealer, an RIA, or a participant in the markets, you must bookmark as your one-stop, all-in-one, must-visit Wall Street resource.


Http:// is under construction and that means lots of noise and debris. For the next few weeks, it may not be pretty to look at. We're going to fiddle around with lots of things -- stuff will be here, then there, then disappear, and maybe reappear.  But don't just stand there peering through the hole in the fence!  Send us your thoughts and suggestions. After all, what we're building is for all of us on the Street to use and enjoy as a valuable resource.


How can you help us?  How can you join us?  

Well, we're going to make this really simple--as it should be. 


Do you have a Wall Street blog and are looking to reach a wider industry and investor audience?  Great -- send a copy of your link to  [email protected]  and we'll look it over.  If we like what we see, we'll call you and offer you a window on our site. Visit this sample page for an idea of what we're offering:  

Why join our community?  For one thing, we reach a lot of folks through and the BrokeAndBroker Blog. For another, there is power in numbers and if we're all on the same page, that's going to make this special.


You have something to say but not the time to set up a full-fledged blog on your own? Okay, we can offer you a Guest Blog column on the popular blog.  If you look through the BrokeAndBroker Blog archives at, you'll see some Guest Blogs.  Send your proposed guest blog entry to [email protected] and maybe you'll earn a coveted spot on this popular platform.


Are you a professional who services the industry? A CPA, Consultant, Lawyer?

Can you help set up or acquire a Broker-Dealer or RIA?  Do you offer clearing services or state-of-the-art platforms? Can you help draft written supervisory procedures or facilitate the expansion into a new business line?  Are you a recruiter with retail producers or compliance staff?  Are you a lawyer handling public customer fraud cases or industry defense?

Send the link to your website to [email protected], and we'll see if we can fit you in on For guidance on what your posting may look like, visit


Times are tough but we have a great demographic at BrokeAndBroker.  Our visitors need office services/supplies, corporate gifts, and consumer goods.  If you think our community will buy it, let us know at [email protected] and we will discuss the placement of your company in our Shopping Center at

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